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Estate Organization and Documentation Services
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Welcome to Ellen Abramson Estate Organization (EAEO). We provide a customized, easy experience so families can discuss, document and consolidate their estate details and life information for the benefit of loved ones. Our personal and confidential service provides peace of mind that your affairs are in order. We are your trusted partner in the estate organization process.

Whether you are ready to organize your estate or are just beginning to explore the benefits of organizing personal documents, you probably have ongoing questions such as:

• How will my family find my important documents if necessary?

• If I am in an accident or have a medical incident who will know what my treatment wishes are?

• How will my family have access to my money and pay my bills in a time of need?

• Who should be called to help take care of my home until it is sold?

• How many insurance policies do I have and where can they be located?

• What passwords give access to my online accounts?

• How does my spouse invest our money and manage the bank accounts?

• Where are my irreplaceable digital photos and videos stored and how do I access them?

• Who will know the stories behind the sentimental items in my home?

• Will anyone know the details of how to run my business?

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You love your family.

Give them—and yourself—the gift of estate organization.

Documenting, detailing and discussing your estate before you absolutely need to is just one piece of the ongoing estate planning process. Combining estate organization with your legal estate plan and the documents that you developed with your attorney or financial advisor will give you and your family essential information to manage your estate.

We help families get organized and be prepared for everyday, emergency and end of life situations. Estate organization is not about documenting your net worth. It is about communicating your life details and wishes to your family network.

Our Mission

To provide a personal, easy experience so families can discuss, document and consolidate their estate details and life information for the benefit of loved ones.

Personal Service

My high level of personal and confidential service will provide peace of mind and a feeling of relief that your affairs are in order. We work together to create an information system that contains all of your life documentation and details in one place as a personal document organizer.

The end result will be a customized Locate the Estate three-­ring binder and electronic flash drive that can be updated over time. The binder will be designed and organized specifically for your own personal information. My mission is to accomplish this one family at a time.

Why think about Estate Organization and Documentation?

Because LIFE happens.

Having your affairs in order allows you to discuss your estate with your family and give them the roadmap of how to access important information in a time of need. Many spouses do not discuss with each other how they take care of household tasks including money management, automobile and home maintenance and paper filing. An organized information system encourages this discussion provides that “I can do it” feeling.

Although estate organization can take time, the result is a feeling of confidence and a sense of relief that your family will be able to take over and carry out your wishes when LIFE events happen.

Location Changes: You take vacations, you or your spouse travel for business, you live in multiple homes, or you are deployed to the military. If you are away from your home for an extended period of time it is important to have all of your personal documents and life details readily available in an estate planning binder for yourself or your family to access in case of an emergency or life event.

Illness: What happens if you are medically incapacitated? How will your family know what your health care wishes are, how to pay the bills, run your house or how to take care of your pet? Information access is power and relieves stress during a medical incident.

Fate: We are all going to face death one day and your heirs will have to manage the estate, distribute your assets and plan your funeral. They will be better prepared with easy access to important estate documented information and will forever be grateful for your efforts in organizing the details for them. It will allow them more time to grieve and heal without having to worry about locating all of your estate details.

Everyday Life: We all need to have answers to key estate questions on a daily basis. What is my username and password? What is my bank account number? Who is my electrician? When does my passport expire? What did I pay in taxes last year? Having information easily accessible can help save time and the hassle of searching all over the house for that one piece of paper. An estate planning binder can also aide in preparing other legal estate and financial planning documents.

Estate Organizing Benefits

There are many benefits of estate organization and having your life information accessible in once place. All of these benefits become gifts during a time of crisis and in day to day life itself.

The Gift of

Organizing your estate encourages and enables in-depth family discussion. Spouses become more comfortable understanding what their partner takes care of and how they take on their roles if necessary. Children feel a sense of relief knowing the details of their parents’ estate and how to find critical information in a time of need. It also helps to alleviate family disagreements when closing out the estate and dividing up the assets during a very emotional time.

The Gift of

Many phone calls and emails need to be made to settle or manage an estate in a time of crisis. Having information readily accessible will save countless hours of time and frustration. We all know how long it takes to get a customer service representative on the phone and there is no prompt for “I am in crisis mode please connect me to someone immediately”.

Organizing your estate will empower your family members to have the answers to their questions at their fingertips, avoid waiting on others for answers, and avoid scavenger hunts around the house. It also helps to facilitate the start of your estate and financial planning process by having all of your life information proactively organized for your advisors to review.

The Gift of
Saving Money

Important documents and paperwork are a vital part of an estate planning checklist and need to be located to manage an estate. You cannot sell a car without the title, you cannot sell your house without the deed, you cannot transfer certain death benefits without a marriage license. Document replacement can sometimes be costly. It is also important make sure that valuable items are not disposed of when the estate is sold and family heirlooms live on. Having easy access to your most important documents will save you and your loved ones money and time.

The Gift of

Organizing your estate is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family, a final gift that says “I love you and I cared enough to do this for you.” When an estate organization service is given by adult children to their parents, it is a gift to all.

The Gift of
Peace of Mind

Life events happen. They happen everyday or in times of a crisis beyond our control. Being prepared is the best gift you can give to your family. They are worth it. You are worth it. By organizing your estate, you will all experience peace of mind knowing that all of your life documents and details can be found easily and quickly in a life organizer binder.

Testimonials EllenAbramson_Icons-19

“This service has everything you need to know about your life, finances and possessions – collected and organized when you are both able to assist and not under the stress of an incapacitated or newly deceased life partner. Having gone thru the agonizing process of trying to dig up all the information needed for both our parent’s estates, and having sold a house we lived in for 40 years, we understand that going through this process with Ellen is a wonderful gift from us to our kids. They won’t have to do it. The home we now live in will be easier to sell, whenever we need to do that, since ALL information needed has now been collected in one binder. Ellen made what could have been an excruciating process almost fun. Her patient, encouraging manner and extremely well organized, systematic agenda proved her an excellent resource for us. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Ellen.”

Alan and Denise Judelson, EAEO clients

Don’t wait for someday. Someday is today.