I Wish
I Knew

Things I know now that I wish I knew more about then…
Helpful hints to guide you through your own estate organization journey.

November 16, 2016 Ellen Abramson

I am the creator of the Memory Lane Chain. The Memory Lane Chain is an initiative to empower families to have meaningful conversations with their family members over Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season. As families gather together, it is the perfect opportunity to ask all the questions you always wanted to know but did not have the chance to ask. Discussions can cover topics about personal and family history, practical matters, life lessons or whatever you want to talk about. The goal is to motivate families to share their life stories with each other and to link the past with their loved ones. The holidays are the perfect time to do so.

#MemoryLaneChain – if you don’t ask you will never know, do it now because you CAN – you will be happy you did. Watch the Memory Lane Chain video for inspiration.