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I Wish I Knew: Do your loved ones have a favorite charity?

June 16, 2017 by Ellen Abramson

When a death takes place donations are usually requested to specific organizations. If something happened to your loved one would you know what charity was near and dear to their heart? Would you know if they regularly give money to specific organizations? There is a simple answer to this one, you just need to ask them.

Maybe your loved one is fond of a specific health charity or maybe it is for animals, the environment, international, education, arts and culture or for children. Keep their love for that organization alive by knowing what charity they would like to see benefit from extra donations.

It is also important to find out if charities expect regular donations from your loved one so you can notify them of their death. Maybe you are instructed to carry on payments through a pre established fund or maybe they will cease. Ask your family member what they prefer for you to do so those charities can continue to receive their money. You can easily honor your loved ones charitable legacy, just ask them about what is most important to them.