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Things I know now that I wish I knew more about then…
Helpful hints to guide you through your own estate organization journey.

December 15, 2016 Ellen Abramson

We all have family recipes that evoke treasured memories. We cherish the food experiences that bring us back to our childhood, happy family gatherings, comforting moments and elicit smells that we have come to love. When the owner of these recipes passes away, becomes incapacitated or too tired to create their infamous dishes, we are left with a culinary void that cannot be filled.

October 14, 2016 Ellen Abramson


Contactability: being able to locate your own or family members “go to” people in a time of need. That’s my own personal interpretation.

When a “life event” happens what is the first task that needs to be taken care of? Usually someone needs to be notified about it. It could be planning a wedding, birthday or funeral, locating legal, financial or insurance information, calling your clergy or physician, contacting a work colleague or client and even your trusted electrician or plumber. We all have many contacts in our lives. They fall under many categories that may include family, friends, advisors, employment, emergency and service providers – in other words, your “go to” people.

June 1, 2016 Ellen Abramson

How Long to Keep Tax Records and Other Documents

We all have so much paper in our house. We are all guilty of thick files, piles of receipts, duplicate papers and and boxes of documents we haven’t looked at in years. For some reason we just can’t throw them away. My parents kept papers from the 1970’s. So how long should we be keeping those “important” documents? This article will help you eliminate the paper towers in your house and will guide you on what to keep and what to throw away.  Happy Paper Tossing!