My work is a passion, not a job.
I was the family executor, I understand.

Trusted Estate Organizer and Empowering Speaker

My Story

You can’t truly understand something until it happens to you. Both of my parents passed away within four years of each other. I was designated the executor of the estate. All I wanted to do was grieve but I had to take charge and embrace my important and overwhelming role as head of my parents’ estate while raising my busy family.

A year before my father passed away I had no choice but to ask him about what was in his estate. He was not very organized and had piles of papers all over the house spanning too many years. I knew one day I would need so many questions answered. Little did I know that day was just one year away.

My dad came to visit me on Cape Cod and we sat at my dining table at the end of a beautiful day and had “the conversation”. For someone who was disorganized and did not use the internet, he was unexpectedly organized. He brought me copies of his bank and investments statements, key advisors, insurance policies, credit cards, utility bills, end of life arrangements, and even filled out the post office change of address card for me so I could forward his mail easily. I asked many personal questions and he respectfully answered them. I patiently listened to him and took detailed notes.

Without this “starter roadmap” and discussion I would have been completely lost in handling his estate during such an emotional time in my life just one year later.

That is why I began Ellen Abramson Estate Organization. I want to share the peace of mind my parents gave to me—and the roadmap we developed together—with you and your family.

About Ellen

Personal Approach; Professional Execution

Through my personal experiences I have come to appreciate the power of planning to ease pain during difficult times, and understand the emotions that surround life events. My professional experiences in business bring critical skills to the estate organization process. Together, my personal and professional histories enhance my effectiveness and my relationships with clients.

Professional Expertise

My 15 years work experience as a professional research consultant required strong organization skills, attention to detail and excellent communication and time management skills. I worked for Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., The Gillette Company and Information Resources, Inc. in management business analysis roles.

My key responsibilities involved gathering, summarizing and presenting confidential consumer data to aide in company decision making. I developed information reporting systems that clearly communicated insights and business implications. My clients included Marketing Managers, Department Vice Presidents and Chief Executive Officers. I pride myself on my professionalism and ability to translate sensitive information into an easy to understand format.

I hold a Business Degree from Indiana University with a major in Marketing and a minor in Sociology.

Estate Expertise

My first-hand experiences organizing my parents’ estates provided insight into the realities of this detail-­intensive and emotional task of estate organization. In addition, I have consulted with and learned from experts—estate attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, insurance agents — counseled others on the benefits and nuances of estate documentation and organization. I would be honored to share my experience and expertise with you and your family.

Speaking Engagements

I deliver empowering talks and interactive workshops on the benefits of estate organization and the information needed to be easily accessed by family members. If you want to achieve an “I can do this” feeling in a private, community or professional setting, I am happy to help you.


I am a member of the Estate Planning Council of Cape Cod, the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils, the Cape Cod Community Care Resource Group and the Cape Cod Healthcare Quality of Life Management Task Force. I have been trained by Cape Cod Healthcare to advise on the health care planning documents needed at every stage of life.

I live in Sandwich, MA on beautiful Cape Cod with my husband and three children. Life is a gift, let me help give your family the gift of estate organization.

Do it now! Sometimes “later” becomes “never”.

Testimonials EllenAbramson_Icons-19

“This estate organizer is a terrific resource that allows users to thoroughly plan for their incapacity or death. It takes the guesswork out of estate administration at a time which is usually emotionally charged and chaotic for families and loved ones. We will recommend this to our clients without reservation.”

Rob A., Attorney