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Things I know now that I wish I knew more about then…
Helpful hints to guide you through your own estate organization journey.

May 19, 2017 Ellen Abramson

Many of us have multiple electronic devices. These can range from computers and tablets to phones, cameras, videocameras and wireless modems and routers. These devices house photos, videos, books, documents, recipes, address books, bills, diaries, and so much more. If a life event happened would your family know how to locate and access these important items?

April 15, 2017 Ellen Abramson

When a life event happens family members may need to access money to pay for daily expenses such as bills, food or medical care. Being able to have an easy way to locate funds for these necessities is very helpful and will reduce stress levels that are already running high. Communicating the following monetary information to your loved ones will give them the power to take care of your finances if you are unable to do so short term, long term or permanently.

February 14, 2017 Ellen Abramson

In honor of Valentine’s Day I am posting a link to an inspirational poem written by Linda Ellis entitled The Dash. She eloquently writes about the importance of “the dash” between the dates on a tombstone. The dash symbolizes how you lived your life between your birth date and death date.  Reading it will inspire you to remember what is most important in life. ❤️

Click for The Dash Poem


December 15, 2016 Ellen Abramson

We all have family recipes that evoke treasured memories. We cherish the food experiences that bring us back to our childhood, happy family gatherings, comforting moments and elicit smells that we have come to love. When the owner of these recipes passes away, becomes incapacitated or too tired to create their infamous dishes, we are left with a culinary void that cannot be filled.