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I am committed to making the estate organization process easy for you. We will work together to organize all the details of your affairs for your estate planning binder. I only work with a few clients at a time so I can give you all the attention you deserve and deliver your finished product in a timely manner.

When you hire me, I am the person who will arrive at your home to organize your estate. I view myself as a trusted partner and I welcome all phone calls and email communications from you and your family.


The estate organization experience makes a special gift from adult children to their parents. Siblings, relatives or friends can pay together to give the gift of estate organization services for a noteworthy occasion, holiday or “just because”. If you are a business owner, estate organization also makes a thoughtful gift for that loyal client or dedicated employee to say “thank you”.

Please contact me to arrange a personalized gift certificate for your deserving person.

Locate the Estate Package Options

Which one works best for you?

All the Details (starts at $1550): This package is designed for clients who want their family to have access to all the important details of their single residence estate. This is the most popular package chosen by families.

The Double Details (starts at $1875): This package is designed for clients who have two residences. This package contains the same level of information as the All the Details Package and is provided for two residences. Custom pricing is available for estates with more than two residences. Please contact me directly to discuss your individual needs.

The Mini Details (starts at $525): This package is designed for clients who only need help with a few sections of the information system. Typical requests include Everything Financial, Documents and Personal Information, Medical/Insurance, Possessions/How to Run the Residence and All About the Business. Any combination of sections is possible.

This package works very well for families who have already begun organizing their estate or want to start off the process slowly and build it up over time. It is also helpful for adults downsizing to an independent or assistant living community. This option costs significantly less than the full details packages. Please contact me directly for custom pricing for this option depending on your individual needs.

Information Consultation ($275): If you prefer to use your own system for organizing your estate I am happy to meet and discuss all of the priority information areas that you should consider including. You will learn about the key life documents and details that are important for family members to access. The discussion is very helpful to identify gaps in missing information and empower you with an estate organization roadmap to follow. 

Information Updates ($80/hr): An annual review of your binder is recommended. You can easily make any changes yourself on your electronic flash drive or in the binder itself. If you need assistance, I am happy to help you update your information at any time if something significant has changed to your estate.

All packages include an heirloom and beneficiary folder. This will provide families with a useful hardcopy tool to record the stories of sentimental and valuable items for posterity and will provide a system to note “who gets what” in the estate.

If you own a business, pricing may need to be adjusted to account for the extra time spent organizing that important area of your life. Discussing and documenting the details of your business is an essential part of the process. We can review the scope of your business during your initial consultation to determine if it will add a significant amount of time. If needed, I can create a binder specifically for your business organization.

If you live outside the service area, I am happy to work with you virtually through teleconferencing. Several estate organization sessions can be arranged over the phone at your convenience. I can also provide you with a two hour consultation overviewing the key estate organization priority areas, This will empower you with a roadmap if you would like to take on the organization yourself.

I am also available to assist with any miscellaneous estate organization needs that you may have. For example, I can help you document your family heirloom stories, digitize life records or work with you to fill out your beneficiary list that includes a photographic item inventory. Please contact me directly to discuss, we can develop a creative solution together.

The Mini Details


Starting Price for One Residence
  • One Meeting
  • One copy of mini custom binder and flash drive
  • Personal Use of Copier
  • Unlimited Calls and Emails
  • Heirloom and Beneficiary Folder
All the Details


Starting Price for One Residence
  • Two Meetings
  • One copy of custom binder and flash drive
  • Personal Use of Copier
  • Unlimited Calls and Emails
  • Heirloom and Beneficiary Folder
The Double Details


Starting Price for Two Residences
  • Three Meetings
  • One copy of custom binder and flash drive
  • Personal Use of Copier
  • Unlimited Calls and Emails
  • Heirloom and Beneficiary Folder

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

* I will bring my portable copier to our meetings for your convenience. The copier can be used to make copies of any personal and life documents that may be hard to replace. Most clients use it to make 10-­20 pages of copies. If you prefer to digitize your documents, I can scan them instead.
** Cost assumes up to 60 minutes of round trip travel time to the client’s residence. Extra travel costs may be incurred for travel beyond 60 minutes.
*** Please contact me directly to discuss custom pricing for estates with more than two residences, Mini Details packages, estates that include business ownership(s) and miscellaneous estate organization needs.

Testimonials EllenAbramson_Icons-19

“I am impressed with how thorough this is, as it seems to include anything that family members or caretakers might need to know. It can be valuable/useful for day-to-functioning, as well as if there were medical emergencies or death. It is a useful resource to help prepare for the unexpected, as well as end of life – with opportunities for personalization. Having all the key contacts for medical providers, financial planning/banking, and bill payments in one place is very helpful. With so many account numbers and passwords to remember, having them in a central location is an excellent idea. I think this serves as an important starting point for families to have discussions about future wishes and planning. Makes me feel like I need to start on my own!”

Dr. Andrew Judelson, son of EAEO client