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EllenAbramson_WordCloud16_WEBHow does the estate organization service work?

I am committed to making the estate organization process easy for you. We will work together to organize all the details of your affairs. I only take on a few clients at a time so I can provide all the attention you deserve and deliver your finished product in a timely manner. Here is the process that we will follow together to create your Locate the Estate information system…


• During a complimentary consultation phone call we will discuss the estate organization process and what you would like to accomplish. We can work together to document and detail your personal affairs and/or business affairs.

• I will send you a meeting preparation checklist to help you easily identify and locate key documents needed for our first meeting. Copies of the service and confidentiality agreements will also be included for your review.

• A deposit is required to schedule your estate organization sessions. The balance payment is due after our last meeting together.

Document, Detail and Discuss

• We will meet for two to three sessions at your residence and/or at my office. Meeting at your home helps makes this experience more convenient and less time-­consuming for you because you will have ready access to all necessary documents; if something is missing it will be easy to locate. Family members are welcome to join us.
• During our first session I will ask you to sign a client agreement, which I will have provided ahead of time for your review and I will sign a confidentiality agreement.
• We will go through the Locate the Estate binder one page at a time. I will ask you questions about your estate details and record your responses into a Word document located on a flash drive. Trust me, I know all the questions and relevant information to ask you about your estate.
• Our discussions may uncover aspects of your estate that require further follow up on your part. For example, we may find out that some documents are out of date or cannot be located, designated beneficiaries may not be the optimal choice anymore or the burial plot you purchased years ago is not in the same state you live in now. These discovery areas will be summarized so you can address them.
• For your convenience, I will bring a portable copier with me to make copies of important life documents to be included in the binder. The copies will never leave your residence. If you prefer to digitize your documents, I can scan them for you instead.

Discuss and Deliver

• After our sessions together, I will bring the electronic flash drive to my office for proofreading and to produce the binder and flash drive for you. If necessary, we will have a follow up phone call to discuss additional information needed. You will be able to review and approve the information before it is finalized.
• Your custom Locate the Estate binder and flash drive will be delivered to you within a few weeks of our meetings in person or by mail. You are encouraged to discuss the binder with your family and/or trusted advisors and to store the information in a safe place.

And the relationship continues…please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions. I view our relationship as a partnership and I am happy to speak to any of your family members or advisors on your behalf.

The best way to get something done is to begin.


What controls are in place to safeguard your personal information?

Confidentiality is a top priority. The following processes are in place to ensure your information is secure…
• My business is licensed.
• A legal confidentiality agreement will be signed during our first meeting.
• Your information will only reside on a flash drive and in a binder that I prepare for you. Your information will never be saved on my computers; no one other than myself will see or have access to it. I am happy to store an electronic copy of your binder for you with your permission.
• I will not ask you any financial information. We will include account numbers and general details but no financials.
• I will not transcribe any password information for you. There is a section in the binder for you to fill in your digital information at a later time. I will show you the section and will organize it to meet your needs.
• Your electronic files can be password protected with your permission. You should store your binder in a safe place in your home and give a copy to a family member or trusted advisor.

What does an organized estate
information system look like?

• The final Locate the Estate organizer will consist of a custom designed three-­ring binder divided into ten-­tabbed sections. Document storage pockets are included to store copies of important papers. The information will also be available on an electronic flash drive to aide in information updates and to facilitate content sharing with family members.

It is the best of both worlds: a hardcopy binder to reference page by page and to write notes in and an electronic version to store for family sharing.

• The detailed sections consist of topics such as locating important life documents, personal/family information, employment/business ownership, real estate, pets, vehicles, money, bills, passwords, medical, insurance, running your home responsibilities and final wishes. The details in the binder are continuously being updated to reflect ongoing expertise and feedback from trusted professionals and the families we work with.
• An in-depth review of your computers and digital devices, what is stored on them and how to access your important documents, photos and videos is included and is a very important part of the discussion.
• If your estate requires any custom documentation, it will be included. This is not a “one size fits all” information system – it is thoughtfully designed specifically for your family.

How do I update life information?

• An electronic copy on a flash drive containing the information files is included in the package. It will be in a Microsoft Word format and can be shared electronically with family members, so they have a copy of your information in their own homes and can access it as soon as possible.
• I encourage you to update your information once a year to note any changes in your estate (new vehicle, new home, new credit card, new investment account etc.). You can easily update it yourself by using the digital files on the flash drive or by handwriting the changes in your binder. If you would like me to make the changes for you I am happy to help for a fee.

Testimonials EllenAbramson_Icons-19

“It is amazing how Ellen took so many complex parts of our life and organized them into one simple book. We have two homes and now we have this wonderful resource to travel with us when we go back and forth. Our children are so grateful that we took the time to do this for them. Ellen asked the right questions and included everything extra that we asked for in the binder. Now our kids will know where the signed baseball card and wedding dress can be found.”

Sharon D., EAEO client